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Commercial Roof Membrane System by Yoder Coatings

Commercial Roof Membrane System

Yoder Coatings uses the Conklin Membrane Coating System which can revive your failing EPDM, PVC, or other SINGLE PLY Commercial or Industrial Roof. Traditional membranes are often black in color absorbing the sun's heat and causing substantial expansion and contraction, which puts extreme stress on the seams - causing them to fail which always results in leaks.

We start by using a high strength roof cleaner which opens the pores on the membrane and allows us to clean it very well. We then apply a primer to the roof area. All the seams and protrusions are then coated and reinforced with fabric which eliminates seam separation. The entire roof is then sealed with a water based acrylic latex coating, which is of course a highly reflective white coating that will stay air temperature or cooler which drastically reduces expansion and contraction.

We offer a 10 YEAR LEAK FREE RENEWABLE WARRANTY with this system to give you the peace of mind you deserve.


Roof Coatings for Missouri by Yoder Coatings

Commercial & Industrial Commercial Roof Membrane System

Serving the greater part of Missouri including;
Western Missouri: Kansas City to Chillicothe, and surrounding areas!
Central Missouri: Sedalia, Jefferson City, Columbia, and surrounding areas!
Eastern Missouri: from Palmyra and Saint Louis to Rolla, and surrounding areas!
Conklin Roofing Systems Energy Efficient Commercial Roof Cool Roofs Rating Council FM Approved Classified UL