Missouri Roof Restoration by Yoder Coatings
Yoder Coatings
Commercial & Industrial Roof Restoration and Coatings for all of Missouri!

Commercial & Industrial Roof Restoration and Coatings

Yoder Coatings is located in Centralia, Missouri and provides Commercial & Industrial Roof Restoration and Coatings for the greater part of Missouri!

If you are a commercial or industrial building owner with a rusty, leaking, or damaged roof we provide an affordable alternative!
Metal Roof Restoration and Coatings | EPDM Mod/Bit Roof Restoration | Flat or Low Sloped Roof Restoration and Coatings | Fabric Reinforced Roofing System | Membrane System | Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof Coatings!

Conklin Roofing Systems

Specializing in the Conklin Building Products

These systems offer highly reflective energy star ratings blocking up to 84% of the suns UV rays which results in saving you money. All our roof warranties are non-prorated, and 100% leak free, and can be renewed with a simple re-coat at the end of the initial warranty.

Reflecting 85% of the solar rays hitting your commercial roof, the Department of Energy finds that our coatings save an average 15% on air conditioning. Reducing both heat build up inside the building in summer, and heat loss during the cold winter months.

Conventional Roof Repair is Old News

Tear-off and replacement is expensive, wasteful, and leaves you with the same type of roof you are having difficutly with now. New metal roofs are riddled with seams and fasteners which are built-in entry points for water, ice, and air infiltration. Membranes and other roofing structures are immediately vulnerable to tears and cracks.


Longevity means that when our integrated, bonded roofing structure reaches maturity, they are usually rejuvenated with a simple recoat. Other solutions, including installation of new roof structures, will have zero residual value and will have to be removed and replaced. In fact you will have a negative residual value as you will be faced with tearing off and disposing of the old structure. With a Yoder Coatings application however, the roof coating will still be intimately bonded to the sub-structure, and can be refreshed and qualify for another guarantee.


Yoder Coatings stands behind our work with a believable guarantee. Backing up the guarantee and experience are the Conklin products, the manufacturers of the arsenal of roofing products we use, with over 30 years of installed product history.


Commercial & Industrial Roof Restoration and Coatings

Serving the greater part of Missouri including;
Western Missouri: Kansas City to Chillicothe, and surrounding areas!
Central Missouri: Sedalia, Jefferson City, Columbia, and surrounding areas!
Eastern Missouri: from Palmyra and Saint Louis to Rolla, and surrounding areas!
Conklin Roofing Systems Energy Efficient Commercial Roof Cool Roofs Rating Council FM Approved Classified UL